Statement – Pitch Conditions at Lockey Park

Following feedback from parents, I would like to make a statement regarding the pitches at Lockey Park. 


Through the continued success and excellent work of our coaches, Wideopen Football Club has tripled in size over the last 10 seasons. Whilst this growth is an undoubted success, this has had a marked effect on the pitches at Lockey Park.


Just to make things clear, WFC lease the pitches at Lockey Park are not responsible for the upkeep. This falls to North Tyneside Council. Over the last few months, the committee and the council have attempted to alleviate some of the problems by securing an additional site at Dudley. This too has had its problems as we have taken on the pitch at a time of the year where maintenance is difficult, however conditions will be improved as  weather conditions allow. 


Facilities and pitches will always be a concern for us at WFC, making sure our players have everything they need to play at grassroots level. To make sure this happens, the club and Northumberland FA have been engaged in talks and have now carried out a “Pitch Power” assessment on behalf of the Football Foundation to assess how to improve the conditions and playing surface. 


The good news for everyone is that following these assessments, over the next 6 years (pending council approval), WFC have been awarded significant funding to repair, reseed, aerate, scarify and improve drainage on all pitches at Lockey Park. 


I hope this alleviates some concerns over the standard of the pitches and we will always endeavour to do all we can to work with all parties to ensure our members have all they need to enjoy sport. 


Many thanks,

Mick Fawcett – Club Chairman