What do your Subs cover?

As a Community Ametuer Sports Club, Wideopen FC is a non profit organisation. Monthly subs are charged and split across all 12 months for our members. Subs are still charged in the summer as summer months can actually the most expensive time for a club. This is due to paying for pitches for the coming season, league enrolment fees, FA affiliation fees, insurance and such up front.
For complete openness and clarity, here are some of the things they cover:

  • Clubhouse rent and maintenance from North Tyneside Council – we do not own the building but responsible for all upkeep
  • Car park and surrounding area maintenance
  • Utilities (Floodlights, Electric, Heating, Water, Shutter Servicing, Fire Alarm Servicing and Gas Servicing)
  • Club systems, website, pitch booking, email
  • 4G upkeep (to maintain FA standard this needs serviced, brushed and decompressed regularly)
  • Pitch hire from council (Currently approx. £140 per team per season) Lockey Park is council owned and have to rent these pitches each season (pitch marking, grass cutting etc)
  • Goals, Nets etc (Recently we had to replace all goals which cost approx 10k)
  • FA affiliation
  • Teams League enrolment (Roughly £400 for a central venue team, £200 for home and away)
  • Insurance for the club and players
  • Coaches qualifications, DBS checks
  • Training kit (balls, cones, mini goals etc)
  • First aid kit
  • Referee fees for league games
  • 30 weeks of Winter training at external providers (approx. £1400 per team, which for a mini soccer team is pretty much the entire team’s subs)
  • Trophies for presentation day
  • League fines
  • Additional kit if needed where sponsors cannot be found

Any help, sponsorship, grants that people can help with, please get in touch at info@wideopenfc.co.uk